GoFishing and iGoFishing are not games!  They are a new way to keep track of and analyze all your fishing success.  Professionals will tell you one of the best ways to increase your success on the water is to keep track of everything you do lure color, weather, location, bait, etc...  The hardest part of that is remembering to bring pencil and paper and even if you remember that;  to actually write down the information.  Well these apps take care those two issues.  Now days everyone carries their phones everywhere; so you never have to worry about forgetting anything.  

If you take about one minute and configure the app for the species you are fishing for, your lure information, and bait.  Capturing all the data is as simple as one click on the screen!

Fishing for bluegill, but catch a bass? Not a problem.  The main screen has a button titled "catch other fish"  click that, and simply select the species, and the rest of the information is still captured.  

Before your next fishing trip, simply look at the built in maps, and see the locations of where you made catches before, and you can plan your trip in advance.  Even better, you can see what you were catching, and how you caught them, to set all your poles at home so you can drop a line the second you get to your location.



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 These Screen Shots are from the new IOS app.



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