About Us!

Ei-Sor Development LLC was founded by two technology professionals, that were looking for better ways to use their smart phones.  We spend almost countless hours outdoors each and every year hunting, fishing, or hiking. 

Our hunting party has been logging sightings of WhiteTail Deer every hunt for over 30 years.  This was the inspiration behind the first two products GoFishing! and GoHunting! 

We believe that mobile apps can be more than simple games, but we intend to have some of those as well.  Our desire is to produce applications that can be useful as well as fun. Our focus is on building apps the consumer will use. 

Ei-Sor's founders have over 40 years combined experience in programming and testing.  Every app is thouroughly tested before it is released for sale.

 Privacy Policy: 

Our Privacy Policy is very simple.  We will never access any data from your app unless you send us the export file from your sightings, catches, etc....  One of the reasons we developed these apps, is that when we looked through the fine print, we discovered that almost everything we did on the app was captured by the developers. 

The Founders:


Dr. Michael Eierman



George Sorrells