The GoHunting! (Small Game) and iGoHunting! (Small Game) apps are powerful tools for capturing and reviewing your small game hunting data.  The apps are available in the App Store and on Google Play. 


The following describes the functionality of both apps.

Save hunting data including:

  • Sighting or Kill of game species,
  • GPS coordinates of sighting/kill,
  • Weather conditions at time of sighting/kill
  • Hunting method used
  • Date and time of sighting/kill.

Save hunting spots including:

  • Spot name and description,
  • GPS coordinates of spot.

Reporting on hunting results either by species or in aggregate including:

  • near your current location,
  • on the current date,
  • in the current conditions,
  • by selected date,
  • by selected conditions,
  • by hunting spot
  • by hunting method.

Mapping of hunting results displaying species on a map with a species icon.

Managing the data including:

  • add, delete, edit sightings/kills,
  • add, delete hunting methods,
  • backup and restore data,
  • send data to a friend.

Note: We do not have any access to your hunting data.  We do not collect it in any way!

Below are screen shots from the Android version of the app.  The screens are are essentially the same in the iPhone version.

The Record Sighting screen of the app is used to record sightings or kills.  The species, method and weapon are set on the Settings screen.  If you see or kill something other than the targeted game, use the other game button to select the species.  The weather and GPS data will be recorded when you click any of the three buttons.











The Find Game screen is used to search your past data.  You can search by a number of different criteria to find locations and/or game to hunt.













The screen to the right shows a sample report from the Find Game screen.















Pressing the Map It! button on the report screen displays the results on a map.  Different icons are used for different species.













Touching one of the icons displays information about that location.









Get GoHunting!(Small Game)



Get iGoHunting!(Small Game)