The GoHunting! (Turkey) and iGoHunting! (Turkey) apps are powerful tools for capturing and reviewing your turkey hunting data.  The apps are available in the App Store and on Google Play. 


The following describes the functionality of both apps.

Save hunting data including:

  • Sightings or kills of turkey,
  • GPS coordinates of sighting/kill,
  • Weather conditions at time of sighting/kill,
  • Hunting method used,
  • Date and time of sighting/kill,
  • Notes on the sighting/kill.

Save scouting data including:

  • Roosts, scat, tracks, gobbles heard,
  • GPS coordinates of sign,
  • Display sign on map.

Reporting on hunting results including:

  • near your current location,
  • on the current date,
  • in the current conditions,
  • by selected date,
  • by selected conditions,
  • by shot/kill.

Display of hunting results on a map.

Managing the data including:

  • add, delete, edit sightings/kills,
  • add, delete sign,
  • backup and restore data,
  • send data to a friend.

Note: We do not have any access to your hunting data.  We do not collect it in any way!

Below are screen shots from the Android version of the app.  The screens are are essentially the same in the iPhone version.


The Record Sighting screen captures sighting data at the touch of a button.  Weather and location displayed will be save along with the type of turkey sighted.














The Record Sign screen allows you to record different types of turkey sign.  That data can be displayed on a map.














The Find Turkey screen provides different reports on your turkey hunting data.














This is an example of a report generated by the apps.
















This is an example of the mapped data.  The fan highlighted in red is a location with one of the best sightings/hunt percentage.  Touching an icon provides information on the sightings at that location.




Get GoHunting!(Turkey)



Get iGoHunting!(Turkey)