GoTrapping! and iGoTrapping! are powerful data collection and analysis tool for the trapper.  The apps allow the tracking of sets and catches to help the user zero in on the best places and sets to make based on past success (or failure).  The captured data also can provide records of annual catches. 


The following describes the basic functionality of both apps.

Saving Set data including:

  • Set type, trap used, lure and bait,
  • GPS coordinates of set,
  • time and date of set.

Saving Catch data including:

  • Species caught,
  • time and date of catch,
  • GPS location of catch,
  • set used for catch.

Reports on your catches including:

  • catches by set,
  • catches near your current location,
  • catches on the current date,
  • catches in a selected date range,
  • catches by set,
  • catches by set type,
  • catches by lure/bait,
  • catches by date.

Map your sets and catches.

Manage your data including:

  • add, delete, edit, pull sets,
  • add, delete, edit catches,
  • add, delete species, traps, set types, lures, and baits,
  • backup and restore data,
  • send data to a friend or computer.

Note: We have no access to your data in any way.  Your data is yours and yours alone.


The following screen shots are from the Android version of the app. The iPhone version is similar.

The Record Set screen is used to record the sets you've made.  This is best done as you make the set so that the exact GPS location can be recorded.  This screen will also automatically identify sets you've made near the phone's current location so you can easily record reseting it. 

This screen will also notify you of any sets that have not been pulled after 30 days.










The Record Catch screen is used to capture catches as they are made.  It is designed to be used when you are at the set so that the app can automatically identify the set used.  The app will not allow you to add a catch without an associated set.












The Find Fur screen is used to view reports on your catches.  Reports can be generated for all species you have caught or selected species.














This is an example of a report generated based on your catch data.















Finally catches can be displayed on a map.  Touching a trap icon provides information about the set and associated catches.







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