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The very first time the founders learned about computers they thought "We could use this for hunting!"  Thus began the long path to Ei-Sor Development.  We've kept a log of hunts in our camp for over 30 years.  While entertaining to read, the information was essentially useless for guiding our hunting activities.  The founders saw computer programs as the key to unlocking the value held in those logs and the first of a long line of electronic hunting logs was developed.  Over the past 30 years, new technology and ideas lead to many iterations of the e-hunting log.  However, these all had one significant problem that kept them from becoming very useful...data entry.  Data had to be moved from the log to the computer in a painstaking clerical task before any value could be created.  On top of this data wasn't always correctly entered or had missing pieces of data.  Even though the successive iterations made the product better and more powerful...we still didn't really use it.

Then came smartphones!  A mobile computer that could automate the capture of much of the relevant data and collect right at the source...when the deer was sighted or shot.  Ei-Sor Development was born!  The products described on this site represent the product of our years of experience hunting and fishing and in the computer industry.  We made these products for our use.  We use them in all our outdoor pursuits.  We hope you find them as useful and fun as we do.

The philosophy guiding all our mobile products is that data collection should be as easy as possible so that all you need to do is click a button.  The apps collect weather, location and time/date  automatically. Some of the apps require some preliminary setting so that the data collection is just a button click.  These settings can be done before hunting or fishing. 

Not one of our products gives us access to any of your hunting or fishing data!  We can't tell you the best place to hunt or what is biting because we don't collect any of this information from anyone.  Your data is not shared with anyone unless you choose to do so.  We also do not collect any other information from your phone.  Our only revenue comes from the purchase of the app.


The Products


 GoFishing! and iGoFishing are mobile apps developed for Android and IOS devices.  They are designed for anglers at any level.  These apps provide an angler the ability to track all their fishing success.  It tracks species, weather, location, fishing methods, lures, colors, and bait.  You can also keep tracks of notes, that may have made a specific catch special.

With a simple push of a button, the fisherman(woman) is able to map their favorite fishing holes, and if simply trolling on a lake or river, the gps location of where you made a catch.

The app is pre-loaded with many favorites including fish species, common lure names, lure colors, and live baits. 

Make your own lures?  You can easily add the names of your lures into the lists.

Have a favorite fishing buddy?  Send your partner all your success!  You can send all your catches, plus what you were catching them with.  Want to track all your buddy's fishing data?  All data from GoFishing! and iGoFishing! are uploadable to The Sportsmans Toolbox.

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GoHunting!(Whitetail) and iGoHunting(Whitetail) are a mobile apps developed for Android devices.  It is designed for hunters at any level.  GoHunting! provides the outdoorsman the ability to track all their deer sightings.  It tracks deer type, weather, location, shots taken, the location of stands, and deer sign.

With a simple push of a button, the hunter is able to map where they saw deer, their stands, where shots were taken, and the location of sign found while scouting.

Like shed hunting also?  You can easily track where you found sheds in the past to guide your future efforts.

Have a hunting party or partner?  Send them your sightings!  Get their's!  You can quickly compile enough data to improve your hunting success.  Want to track camps hunting successes?  All data from GoHunting! and iGoHunting! are uploadable to The Sportsmans Toolbox.

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GoHunting!(Turkey) and iGoHunting(Turkey) are based on the same platform as the GoHunting!(Whitetail) aps.  It has been configured, however, specifically for the turkey hunter.  The app tracks all your sightings, weather, and location data. 

Using the built in Google Maps, you can mark all the roosting areas, and plan your routes to set up the best ambush site. 

By keeping all your sightings, you can easily determine what your odds are of bagging a jake, hen, or better yet an old tom! 

Share your data with your hunting partners, and greatly increase your chances in the fields and woods this spring.  Want to track camps hunting successes?  All data from GoHunting!(Turkey! and iGoHunting!(Turkey) are uploadable to The Sportsmans Toolbox.

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iGoHunting! (Small Game)GoHunting!(Small Game) and iGoHunting!(Small Game) are mobile apps designed for the small game hunter. They provide the same capabilities as the other GoHunting! products except they are configured for the small game hunter.  Ducks, Geese, Grouse, Rabbits, Coyote and many more species are recordable with these apps.  Just set your hunting method and weapon and target species and you're ready to go!


Can't remember where you found that covey of quail last year?  Check the app and it will display it on a map so you can check it out.  Can't remember how many ducks and geese you killed for the HIP survey?  Check the app for your totals.

As with the other apps you can share your data with your friends.  However, these apps are not compatible with The Sportsman's Toolbox at this time.

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iGoTrapping!GoTrapping! and iGoTrapping are mobile apps designed for the trapper.  Record sets made including their location and set specifics such as trap used and lure.  Record catches for those sets.  Get reports on the best locations and set types.  Map your set locations on a map.



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