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The Sportsman's Toolbox requires Windows Vista or later and Java 6 (JRE 6) or later. Please visit and update the Java on your computer before running the installation.


The Sportsman’s Toolbox is a set of data analysis tools configured to support the examination of deer and turkey sightings and fish catches to identify the best places and times to hunt and fish.

The objective of the system is to provide a variety of ways that the outdoorsman can examine their (and their buddy’s) hunting and fishing data so that they can find the best places to hunt and fish given the weather conditions, the location, and the time of year that they plan to hunt turkey, deer, or go fishing.

The deer and turkey hunting analysis will automatically determine and highlight the best locations given the conditions and dates input by the user.  Since we all know the reward of hunting is interacting with our quarry as much as shooting and killing, this calculation is based on the number of sightings per hunt in a particular location.  The top 10% of these locations are highlighted on both the mapping portion of the system and the reporting section.  (Note: until you get enough data, unfortunately these calculations may be biased toward locations where you had one incredible hunt with lots of deer or turkey sighted.)

The Sportsman’s Toolbox allows you to analyze hunting and fishing locations based on calendar date, wind direction, wind speed, cloud cover, temperature, and/or actual weather conditions such as rain or snow.  In this way you can target locations that match the conditions you expect to be hunting or fishing in.

The Sportsman’s Toolbox can be used as a standalone system or with the GoHunting (Whitetail)!, GoHunting (Turkey)!, or GoFishing! Android apps.  These apps allow the automatic capture of weather information, date/time, and GPS coordinates of any deer or turkey sightings or fish catches.  The data captured on your Android smartphone can be uploaded to the Sportsman’s Toolbox.  If you don’t have a Android phone or any of the apps, you can still use the Toolbox.   Data will have to be entered manually.  Manual data entry can be done either by typing in the pertinent information and coordinates or by selecting the sighting or catch location on a map.


The screen below shows three different locations where somebody hunted when skies were “Partly Cloudy” and there was a “Light Breeze.”  The antler icons indicate the locations.  The icon in red indicates the location with the top 10% of sightings per hunt for these conditions.  The map can also be used to enter sightings, shots, and stands.  Simply right click on the map, choose what you want to enter, and fill in the requested information. 

The screen below is the Analyze sightings page.  This page provides similar capabilities for analyzing sightings as in the Map page (above) and adds four different types of reports.  The report displayed below is Sightings by Day.  The information is shown in both tabular and graphical form. 

In all of the maps, holding the mouse over the icon will provide additional information.  Below is an example from the GoFishing! Sections of the Sportsman’s Toolbox.  It shows the number and type of fish caught at that location, the number of days fished in that location. 

Additional information can also be displayed on the maps.  Below is an example of a Shot being displayed in the GoHunting (Turkey) Section in addition to turkey sighting locations.  In GoFishing fishing spots can be displayed and in GoHunting (Whitetail) stands and shots can be displayed.

The following two screen shots demonstrate the variety of ways you can analyze your catches.  The first display shows catches by method used.  The second shows a catch report arranged by method and lure used when the wind speed is classified as Calm.


The Sportsman's Toolbox provides too many different ways to analyze fish catches and deer and turkey sightings to cover adequately in a single webpage.